On the Issues

⚜Smart Growth

People move to St. Tammany to have a quiet life, often with some space between them and their neighbors, and to avoid the traffic of New Orleans. However, these days, it seems like the parish government wants to make St. Tammany into another busy and industrial parish like Jefferson. The parish has focused exclusively on growth while neglecting infrastructure, including traffic issues, drainage, water quality and sewage.

David will work tirelessly to ensure growth directly benefits parish residents, their home values and their quality of life, not out-of-area developers wanting to make a quick buck with high-density, low-quality housing and industrial projects that result in more traffic and wear on the infrastructure without much benefit to the community.

David’s Promise: every residential and commercial project will be evaluated according to one clear test: does it maintain or improve the community in terms of home value, safety, the economy, the school system and infrastructure. If David is not convinced that it does, he will adamantly oppose it. The community comes first.


The parish government cannot run without the hard-earned dollars of its residents. The citizens of St. Tammany expect to be able to go to their elected leaders with their concerns and not have to depend on unelected boards that are not accountable to the people.

David’s Promise: the priorities of every aspect of parish government need to reflect those of its taxpayers. He will fight for openness and transparency in how taxpayer money is spent and scrutinize relationships with outside parties that may have opposing interests to those of local residents. Citizens should not have to waste their time and money filing public records requests just to get answers that should already be available to the public.


St. Tammany is a safe and family-oriented community and a great place to raise children. People move from New Orleans and many other places to enjoy the nice, quiet life that St. Tammany offers, the great school system and the low crime rate where they can raise their families without worrying about violence in the streets and fentanyl and other drugs in the communities.

David’s Promise: there is nothing more important to the community than the safety of residents and their children. David will do everything in his power to ensure the District Attorney and other programs designed to prevent crime, drug addiction and increase safety are financially prioritized over other aspects of government, such as pet projects for elected officials that do nothing to maintain and improve the safety of the community.