About David

David was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. After living in a few different places during his childhood, he and his family returned to Pearl River until he finished high school.

Upon graduation from Southeastern Louisiana with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, David enlisted in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

A year later, he began law school at Southern University in Baton Rouge.

In 2007 David gave his oath to “support and defend the constitution,” becoming a Navy Reserve Officer. In 2008, he graduated from law school, passed the bar and set up his own law firm, Cougle Law, LLC, providing immigration services and defending persecuted Christians and churches worldwide. Today he continues his work as a lawyer and Navy Reserve officer.


In 2018, David married the love of his life, Jihen, in a beautiful ceremony in Paris, France, where she was living and working. Since that time, Jihen has given him two beautiful children, Adam and Bariza, and she herself became a U.S. citizen in 2022.

David currently lives in Pearl River with his wife and two children. They are active in their church in Slidell and love spending time in the community.

St. Tammany Parish

In 2021, when it became clear that an unwelcome casino project was moving forward in the Slidell area, David joined with local ministers and business leaders to oppose the deal as bad for the community. Ultimately, the parish agreed, with 63% of voters saying CasiNO!

In late 2022, as news began to break in the community that sexually explicit materials were targeted at and available to children through the parish library system, David joined with other concerned residents to protect children from harmful materials.

In addition to his public advocacy to protect children, David helped draft HB25 by Rep. Paul Hollis which would give local governments and communities more control over how their library systems operate, ensuring they comply with community standards and actually conform to taxpayer desires, as they fund the library system. He, along with other concerned mothers and grandmothers, were instrumental in the drafting and passage of Act 436, which provided protections to children from harmful materials in libraries.

Mr. Cougle has a track record of service and results. He wants to take this experience, dedication and leadership to the parish council.

He asks for your vote on October 14, 2023!