Slidell Independent: Controversy Regarding Funding for Cross Gates Water System

In the Slidell Independent today, there was an article about the current Cross Gates water crisis. My opponent has had four years to resolve this, and although a large portion of the blame does lie with our parish government and the administration, the numerous examples of a failing water system, lift stations, etc show that our councilman has been asleep at the wheel.

One particular issue is that in his campaign materials, my opponent claims that HE acquired $40 million for Cross Gates water “improvements.” We now know that not only is that $40 million not for improvements, he also had little if anything to do with it. The fact that he did not even know that the thing he was claiming credit for was not for what he claims it would be used for is just further evidence that he is completely detached from the needs of the district.

We deserve better. I am absolutely committed to solving the Cross Gates area water crisis.