Parish Government Continues Wasting Taxpayer Money in Legal Fights

On May 15th, the Parish Government, through outside legal counsel, filed an Amended Petition for Declaratory Judgment, basically seeking to avoid fully funding the District Attorney, Sheriff, Coroner, Justices of the Peace and other agencies with state mandated costs.

This is how your parish government continues to waste your money. We know that a major reason for folks moving to St. Tammany is for the safety, as compared to the high crime in New Orleans. But your parish government would rather waste your money on legal fights than actually do their job.

One of the reasons I got involved in parish government was the casino issue several years ago, and as you recall, the election ended up being on a December ballot by itself. The parish intentionally did this because they thought it was more likely to pass than if on the ballot in November. This decision to put the casino issue on the ballot by itself apparently wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

This is how your parish government operates, and without a change in leadership this October, there’s no reason to think anything will change.

But I have hope it will, and that’s why I am running and want to earn your vote!