My Opponent’s New Mailer Claims He fought Casino, but What is the Truth?

On previous political push cards, and a mailer received by residents today, my opponent has been claiming that not only did he vote against the proposed casino, but he worked to defeat it.

The problem with this is that it is not quite true.

There were actually two votes on the casino, not one. On the first vote, before public pressure built, my opponent voted FOR the casino. This was February 8th, 2021. You can see in the attached picture that not only did he vote for the amendment, he ultimately voted for a “Resolution in Support” of the legislature filing a bill to bring the casino to Slidell.

When myself and other leaders in the community saw that the council had gone against the will of the people, we spent months working with civic, religious and business leaders. Only at the point where the pressure was too much to bear did my opponent flip when he began to fear for his reelection due to his vote.

Time and time again, I have sought to fight for our community when my opponent has failed to do so. It started with the casino, then Bonterra, then the library issue and now Cross Gates water system.

You deserve better.